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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  July 27, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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century of providing care to hundreds of thousands of the nation's war wounded, walter reed medical center has closed. we begin with a mt. rainier police officer accused of luring another man to his home for sex. now that officer is behind bars, accused of attempted murder. good evening, i'm dorene gentzler. >> and i'm jim vance. news of the arrest of the officer came as a shock to the police in the mt. rainier department and community members, as well. but as pat collins explains now, prosecutors and the victim's family are afraid this may not be his first offense. >> reporter: mt. rainier officer gene gillette. he turned himself in yesterday after he was named in a 12-count indictment charging him with attempted murder, sexual assault, and false imprisonment. but could there be more? in court today, a prosecutor indicated there may be other instances, may be other victims.
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>> well, i'm not at liberty to discuss this, but what i can say is that we welcome any information that the public might have. >> reporter: the victim in this case is 20 years old. the prosecutor says he was shot a number of times by officer gillette. they say officer gillette lured him to his home with a promise there would be girls there and they would make movies. but there were no girls. there were no movies. just officer gillette, who they say tried to sexually assault the man. they say the man ran from the house and tried to escape in officer gillette's truck. and that's when the cop opened fire. irving hall is the victim's father. >> might son got bullets in him because of him. can't take them out. and i thank god that he's alive.
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>> reporter: gillette claims the man he shot was trying to rob him and steal his truck. in mt. rainier, there are about 9,000 people. and 17 police officers. gene gillette was one of their top cops, two years in a row he was named policeman of the year. people in mt. rainier had this to say about the police. >> i do believe he's a good person, he's going to be protected and i'm just sending to him good vibrations and prayers at this moment. >> reporter: were you surprised? >> i was very surprised. >> we have to wait and see whether the charges are upheld first. i'm not going to jump to any conclusions. >> reporter: police officer gene gillette, held without bond in this attempted murder case. i'm pat collins, news4, prince george's county. >> prosecutors believe there are others with information about
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the case, so they have set up a special e-mail for people to e-mail them tips. that address is tipspgsa the wrangling continues on capitol hill, but there is still no agreement on the best way to deal with the nation's debt crisis. budget talks have been going on for months, but now republican and democratic lawmakers have until august 2nd, just six days, next tuesday to get the job done. steve handelsman is on capitol hill with the latest. are we getting any closer, steve? >> reporter: doesn't look like. the pressure is so intense that both sides here on capitol hill, both political parties, are torn by internal dissension. but especially the republicans. with the debt ceiling vote postponed in the house, speaker john boehner scrambled to redo his plan the day after he talked it up. >> it's reasonable, it's responsible. >> reporter: but it fell short. not $1.2 trillion in savings, $850 billion.
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the congressional budget office ran the numbers. and found the democratic senate plan slashed $2.2 trillion. >> so aside from avoiding default, aside from being more long-term, we have more cuts. >> reporter: a deeper-cutting tea party plan cannot pass, democrats said. >> nor the extremists. meet in the middle of the road. >> reporter: but across the road from the capitol, the tea party rallied. >> moments like this come around once every 100 years. stay firm, stay tough. >> reporter: tea party freshmen, your supporters are watching. >> and these republicans need to hold the line. >> reporter: the republican speakers, a target. >> the boehner proposal will add $7 trillion to the debt over the next ten years. that is unacceptable, and unsustainable. >> reporter: the boehner plan is getting deeper cuts. >> this puts a check on obama. it doesn't allow him the point check that the reid bill would allow.
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that's why members are rallying around this plan. >> reporter: are they? to inspire loyalty, republican leaders played rank and file, a we're on a mission clip from a ben affleck movie. >> i need your help. i can't tell you what it is, you can never ask me about it later, and we're going to hurt some people. >> reporter: but it's republicans who are hurting now. with six days left. nbc's brian williams is here in d.c. to interview speaker boehner, who told brian that he does feel he's being tested. not so much, he said, dorene, by rebellious republicans, but by the challenge of getting a debt deal done in time to beat the deadline. back to you. >> it is a challenge, indeed. steve, that movie clip, anybody who has seen that movie will probably remember like i do that they -- it's right before they rob a bank. what were they thinking using that clip? >> well, you know, somebody in republican leadership last night thought this would fire up the troops and get them to back john boehner, kind of a loyalty pledge like in the movie. i guess they didn't think, number one, it would get out, which immediately it did.
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some house lawmakers were offended by the use of the clip. in that movie, "the town," the character played by ben affleck and the other guy after the guy says, yeah, i'll do what you said, they break into an apartment, beat two guys with clubs, and shoot one. and so loyalty led to law-breaking and people getting hurt. which is not really the metaphor, i think republicans want to get out in public during this debt ceiling. >> sleep deprivation, maybe, is getting to them at this point. all right. steve handelsman, thank you. >> you're welcome. christopher berry is the son of d.c. councilman marian berry. today he pled guilty to drug possession charges. police were called to his house back in may because of a report of a fight. once inside, they found marijuana and pcp. the younger barry allegedly refused to answer the door and jumped out the window when the percent is arrived. his sentencing is in september. he is facing up to six months in
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jail. work crews are being blamed for two separate gas leaks in montgomery county today. the first one happened around 1 1:30 in germantown. a gas leak was reported between two homes. dozens of people had to be evacuated. nobody was hurt. 15 minutes later, a construction crew ruptured a gas line. this happened in the 700 black of thayer avenue. nobody was inside the homes when it happened. both leaks have been repaired now. nfl owners have a severely abbreviated period of time now in order to make a whole bunch of deals and trades and all other kinds of goings-on. here with the skins, we already have a quarterback shake-up, and there is other news, comings and goings with the skins. dan hellie at the park to tell us about it. dan. >> jim and dorene, this has been going on for at least 24 hours now, the redskins do have a deal in place with the minnesota
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vikings to send quarterback donovan mcnabb to minnesota. it's for a pair of sixth round draft picks, one of those a conditional pick, depending on how mcnabb worked to play this season. if he#] he contract, which would be for significantly less money than he is getting right now. so that new contract is the final hurdle for donovan mcnabb. if he gets it, he goes to minnesota. he has a chance to start. they would bring him in to be a mentor for rookie quarterback christian ponder, who is a first-round draft pick. but there is word that mcnabb wants to get a specific amount of money. and if he doesn't get that money, there is always a chance that this deal could fall through. but minnesota seems like the likely landing spot for mcnabb. all right. now to the signings for the redskins, and they have been aplenty, especially at wide receiver, the most recent person they have agreed to terms with is brandon stokley.
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he is a receiver who is in seattle last year. the skins also got jabbar gaffaney via trade, sending jeremy jarman to the broncos. they signed donte stallworth, clemens, a back up with the jets last year. and barry cofield late last night. he was a defensive tackle for the giants, this guy is a monster, gets a $12.5 million signing bonus from the redskins. or rather $12.5 million guaranteed. dante stallworth when asked for his take on john beck, gave this. john beck and donte stallworth know each other. we'll hear from him at 6:00. that will do it from here at redskins park. back to you. >> thanks, dan. d.c.'s walter reed army medical center hospital closed today. there isn't enough money in the budget to keep it running, and
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it's -- many of its services have moved. ceremonies were held today to pay tribute to the thousands who worked and were healed at the u.s. military hospital during its 100 years of providing care. brian mooar has the story. ♪ >> reporter: in the nation's capitol, a star spangled salute to the ralter reid army medical center, being closed after more than a century of service. >> walter reed is not a building. walter reed is the people who provide care and compassion for wounded, ill and injured warriors and their families. >> reporter: it is the end of an era for an american military institution. a place that treated commanders in chief, and buck privates who returned from the battle fields and had to fight to reclaim their own lives. >> even from the hospital beds, these brave men and women retained their commitment to the
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warrior ethos, to never accept defeat. to never quit. >> reporter: in war and peace, walter reed struggled to keep up with the times, and ultimately fell victim to budget cuts. but this was a day to remember what walter reed did right. putting lives and bodies back together. >> if you go any place in the world and speak to people who are in the military, even people who can't speak english, and you say the words walter reed, that's all you need to say. >> reporter: eric skew maker was among many there. >> i stand here today with a heart burdened with sorrow and yet swelling with pride as we witnessed the colors of this command for the final time. >> reporter: in keeping with military tradition, the unit officially retired its colors and unveiled the colors for a state of the art replacement in nearby bethesda, maryland. transferring a sword and a name. the walter reed national military medical center. brian mooar, nbc news, washington. there's an old railway
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mascot officially getting the nation's stamp of approval. today, only the postal is dog got his own forever stamp. that dog wandered into a post office in albany, new york more than a century ago. some of the railroad workers believed the animal was good luck, they believed he protected them. because when he was around, not a single train on which he rode ever had an accident. now his face is turning up on 60 million stamps. you can also chronicle his adventures at a new exhibit at the smithsonian national postal museum. >> i would like to see that. coming up, the confessed norway killer had a cover-up to obtain the explosives he needed to carry out his attack. an intense heatwave fueling wildfires. we'll show you where some areas are at risk of losing everything. police are offering up a new look at the serial slasher. who has been attacking shoppers. defense contractor lockheed martin has some explaining to do after a blimp crashed. >> veronica, what's ahead in our
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weather? >> today wasn't bad, 93. but now the 90s that we'll have but now the 90s that we'll have the rest of the week, guys,
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text messages between a
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mother and her terrified daughter are giving us a firsthand account of what it was like when a gunman opened fire on a camp for teenagers in norway. that girl described hiding behind rocks as she heard gunshots all around her. she survived the attack, but more than 70 others did not. jay gray has our report. >> reporter: the investigation and the mourning continues here. the prime minister saying that more democracy is what's going to help to heal this country as they try and get through those vicious attacks. >> and brutal attacks in norway last friday are a national tragedy. it is also an attack on our very humanity and our fundamental values, openness and democracy. >> reporter: meanwhile, the investigation centered on the farmhouse of the suspect, where special agents blew up explosives that they found in that farmhouse. they are also looking into
6:17 pm
potential other members of a cell that is the direction that investigators are looking in right now. as for the healing here, hundreds continue to pour into this area near the main cathedral in downtown oslo, bringing with them more flowers, more candles, more poems. they again seem to draw some strength from being together here. realizing now, though, that life must go on and really that that's the way to answer this type of violent attack. and that's some of what the prime minister talked about today, saying that they have got to get back to life as normal. that things won't be the same as they were before these attacks, but that in some way, they've got to resume the business of going on with their lives and living to make sure that the terrorist, as they call him, does not win in this fight. and so the people of oslo, the people of norway, trying to band together and do that. but also understanding it's going to take some time. that's the very latest from here in oslo, i'm jay gray. now back to you. >> an unmanned blimp made an emergency crash landing near
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pittsburgh, pennsylvania. lockheed martin launched the hail d. blimp from akron, ohio this morning. the remotely controlled aircraft was testing communication for the army. the blimp made a crash landing in a wooded area a few hours later. nobody was injured, but there is no explanation about why it went down. in southern russia, hot, dry weather is fueling a series of forest fires. at least 220 wildfires are burning across the region. crews in the air and on the ground are trying to get the upper hand. at least 60 people were forced to evacuate. they also caused some world war ii shells to explode. they will be buried in a forest and the heat from the fires set them off. making a bad situation extra dangerous. >> exactly. >> it would seem. >> exactly. >> so a little warmer today than yesterday. but still pretty nice. >> yeah, especially the start of the day. the start of the day was so nice, got up early, was energized. and i said you know what, i'm going to start working. i actually did my husband's yard work today for him. >> wow, what's the payback?
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>> i'm not sure. but better come up with something. >> better. meanwhile, just to the north of us yesterday, there were some pretty good storms. i promised that video of tornadoes. let me take you to new york state. this is the western portion of new york state, south and west of utica, where the national weather service has confirmed, yep, you're looking at it there, at least two tornadoes touched down in kirkland, new york and both caught here on home video. both considered weak with winds of 70 to 80 miles per hour. only touching down for about 50 to 60 seconds, leaving a lot of large trees. as you can see, they're uprooted and a whole lot of power lines down around the kirkland, new york area. massachusetts, by the way, also got a few storms yesterday. and quite a bit of wind. around here, 78 to 93. your low, your high temperature, once again, above the average high. and i don't want to say once again, but indeed last year we were rolling through there with
6:20 pm
our hottest month ever on record. now this july tops it now coming in with a warmest month on record. average temperature of 83.7 degrees. last july, it was 83.1. and, of course, we're not finished with the month yet. 92 is your temperature now. the heat index at 92. this time tomorrow, temperatures will be running, at least the heat index values, about 2 to about 4 or 5 degrees higher than the actual air temperature. so it's going to get sticky around here. 93 now around warrenton. leesburg at 90 degrees. waldorf currently at 90 degrees. 86, though, around pax river. tomorrow, temperatures cooler near the water with the southeast wind. and tomorrow, too, i think this time we could see a few showers right near the bay, blowing up with that south easterly breeze. here's a look at the max heating across the nation right now. kansas city, 101. 104. that's the actual air temperature. kansas city. and around dallas, tenxas, reading 107 to 106.
6:21 pm
so the humidity will be sliding off to the east. as far as radar and satellite goes, some storms now around the gulf coast, but texas has been dry. their driest nine-month period on record, the next storm in the tropics bringing rain to the caribbean. but late friday, tropical storm don could make its way coordinate corpus christi. a lot of wind, too. at least this area around texas that has been so dry will be getting some rain. our next best chance of rain? well, the weekend. saturday and i think especially sunday. as far as tomorrow goes, we'll see some clouds moving in with that weather front. it's north of us as it comes in, more clouds, a partly sunny afternoon after starting out mostly sunny. and it's going to be humid tomorrow. slightly humid. more humidity comes our way for friday and the workweek and that's when our temperatures max out, too. so calling friday oppressive again, instead of seeing widespread heat index values of
6:22 pm
10 through the area, i think we'll be around 105 for several hours. in fact, here's a look at the heat index forecast tomorrow morning. we're comfortable at 82. 96 to 97 degrees by the afternoon. a very warm start to the day, even on friday. 106 to 107 by friday afternoon. here's your forecast for the evening. 88 to 78. still comfortable for your evening. and for tomorrow morning, another clear start. mostly clear. nice, too. 65 to 73. and then for your afternoon, up to 95 degrees, again, a few base showers around the area. four-day forecast here. friday, 99, feeling like 105. some showers for your saturday evening, if you're going to be going out. then on sunday, it's hard to call sunday. this weather front is going to be kind of stalled out around the area, so any time sunday, showers and storms. monday, too, a chance of rain. but next week a little better. back into the low 90s. >> all right. not bad. >> thanks, veronica. coming up tonight, an amnesty in the district, and you might qualify.
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the struggle to reach a deal on the debt limit is hindering efforts to end a partial shutdown of the federal aviation administration. that shutdown started last saturday, after congress failed to renew funding for the agency. since then, nearly 90,000 faa employees and construction workers have been furloughed. that includes hundreds of people in our area, working on the metro to dulles project. lawmakers say there has to be quick action to remedy this situation. >> the recovery is so fragile, and unless these workers get back to work pretty soon, this single case alone could cause an increase in the unemployment rate for the month of july. >> the lawmakers say, without the faa collecting taxes on airfare, the government is losing more than $30 million for
6:27 pm
every day of the furlough. a universal flu vaccine that can protect against all strains of the virus may be within reach in the next five years. that's according to the chief of the national institutes of health. flu viruses mutate every year, causing small changes in surface coatings, which make older vaccines obsolete. but recently scientists have found there are parts of the virus that don't change, and they're looking to design a new vaccine to go after the constant part of the virus to protect against all strains. nih already runs pilot programs to test and treat high-risk people in the district. it turns out that weight may be a bigger factor to men than women when it comes to relationships. the website, for ask men and casino cosmo politan surveyed people. when asked if they would dump their partner for gaining
6:28 pm
weight, about 48% of men answered, yeah. that's compared with only 20% of women who answered the same way. authors of the survey say they wanted to find out how the modern man thinks and behaves, professionally, romantically and in his downtime. might we suggest that there is a lot more to this that you might want to consider before you make any decisions about that story. because there's good bit more -- like how much weight? are we talking about? how old are the guys involved? and who are the people that answered surveys on online, anyhow, and how much can you put behind whatever they say? >> all this gets to -- gives you just as much to talk about over dinner as it has given us. >> be careful what you say. >> we've got a serious story coming up, actually. the search for the serial slasher. we'll hear from a crime expert about what kind of person might randomly attack shoppers. a deputy being called a hero for saving a 4-year-old child
6:29 pm
left dangling from a three-story balcony. >> it looked like she was slipping. so i yelled up to her, told her not to jump. lots of old, unpaid d.c. parking tickets. this is chris gordon. i'll tell you how to cut the amount you owe in half, ahead. coming up in sports, the very latest on the donovan mcnabb trade. also, the redskins signing play
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in court today, a police officer from mt. rainier, maryland was ordered held without bond. his name is gene gillette. he turned himself in yesterday after a grand jury indicted him on charges of attempted murder. prosecutors say he lured a man to his home, and then shot the man after that man resisted gillette's sexual advances. ceremonies were held today to mark the closing of walter reed army medical center. the georgia avenue hospital has served u.s. military men and women and their families for more than 100 years. only six days left now, and still no deal on the debt. republican and democratic
6:33 pm
leaders are still working to sell lawmakers on their competing plans. house republicans are expected to vote on a revised bill tomorrow. police are releasing new images of a man suspected in a series of attacks. women have been slashed with a razor blade on their rear ends. >> there have been at least five attacks across fairfax county since february. john schriffen reports investigators are hoping new pictures will lead to an arrest. >> reporter: tell me if you recognize this man. fairfax county police have now released a clearer image of the man believed to be the serial butt slasher. these pictures were taken from surveillance video back on june the 20th at the marshals store inside the greenbrier town center. now police want all shoppers to be on high alert. doesn't look familiar? >> no, just looks like a common shopper, really. >> oh, no. but i will be very conscious of anyone who is close by me now. >> reporter: authorities say since february, the suspect has struck at least five times in northern virginia, including
6:34 pm
once at the marshals, once inside the h & m in tyson's corner and three times inside the fair oaks mall including inside the forever 21 store monday night. we're now learning, as these young women were shopping, police say some of the victims felt a sharp pinch in their back side. immediately after being cut, investigators believe there was a brief exchange of words between the victims and the suspect. but it happened so quickly, no one around them noticed and the suspect was able to get away. >> we don't have a lot of information on why this would be occurring. any type of motive. but we also, unfortunately, don't have any reason to think that it would stop. >> reporter: criminal profiler, ted williams, who spent nearly 15 years as a dcht c. police investigator and a federal special agent say the suspect's criminal pattern resembles the d.c. sniper from almost ten years ago. >> and the one thing and the one common thread is normally they want some kind of attention.
6:35 pm
>> reporter: what kind of attention is this person possibly looking for? >> he is at least slashing these young women. and then he's trying to determine what their reactions are. and as a result of their reactions, he gets his own high from doing it. >> reporter: in fairfax county, john schriffen, news4. >> a d.c. teenager is behind bars, accused of murdering a bladensburg man last month. police arrested 17-year-old darryl emmanuel mason monday. they say he was part of a large fight in hyattsville on june 30th. officers were called out to the 6400 block of america boulevard and found a 21-year-old suffering from a stab wound. leonard smith matthews was taken to the hospital, and that's where he died a short time later. four other males were treated for minor injuries. mayor vincent gray announced a new amnesty program today for parking tickets in the district. the city will suspend penalties for certain outstanding tickets over the next six months.
6:36 pm
chris gordon with a report on why the council has decided to give drivers a break. >> reporter: the amnesty program forgives penalties on tickets for moving violations, and you will not get any points on your license. the amnesty program allows you to pay the fine on the face of the parking ticket without the penalty that normally doubles it. and you can clear photo enforcement violations without a penalty. all of this applies to tickets that were issued before january 1st of 2010, meaning tickets at least 18 months old. d.c. mayor vincent gray estimates the amnesty program will collect at least $6 million. >> in the current economic climate, we expect any number of people will take advantage of this opportunity to clear their debts, to dmv. at a lower cost. it obviously also helps the city to collect revenue that otherwise would be pretty hard to come by. >> reporter: the d.c. dmv amnesty program begins august 1st and runs through january
6:37 pm
27th of next year. you can pay old tickets without having to pay a penalty online at you can pay by phone at 866-893-5023. or you can pay in person at 301 c street northwest. but that's not advised because of the expected crowds you could wait for hours to be served there. the dmv offers ticket payment plans. calling the whole program a win-win situation. >> we do have some tickets that the original fine amount is $150. and so the penalty would be an additional $150. so we're talking about 300, plus the $5 additional penalty. so the savings could be substantial. >> reporter: we asked drivers who came to the dmv what they think of the amnesty plan. >> i think the fines are getting a little bit excessive. so that's why i would be for it. >> i think it's an excellent idea. >> reporter: do you have any of those old outstanding tickets?
6:38 pm
>> most definitely. i would doubt seriously there are two people in the district who don't have tickets. >> reporter: when it comes to old, unpaid d.c. tickets, maryland residents owe the most, followed by virginia and district drivers. d.c. officials hope local drivers will take advantage of this amnesty program, which again begins on monday. chris gordon, news4. coming up on the broadcast, the summer games, the olympic games in london. only one year away now. and olympi i'm laura, and this is my cvs.
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balcony. he says he was just doing his job. good evening, everyone, meteorologist veronica johnson here. our temperatures were toasting today, in the low 90s, and we saw the pollen count rebound, grass pollen high today, likely to be high tomorrow. temperatures cooling off. 75 to 73 early tomorrow morning. we'll max out at about 93 to 95 degrees through the area. but it will feel a little warmer tomorrow as -- with some slightly higher humidity. then that humidity will come on strong by friday with a heat index up around 105 friday. back to you. >> thanks, veronica. today marks one year from the
6:42 pm
start of the 2012 olympics in london. athletes worldwide gathered today in london's trafalgar square. u.k. prime minister david cameron got in the spirit, touring the games of volleyball venue. london will be the first city to host the olympics three times. you'll be able to see the games right here on nbc 4. meanwhile, in d.c., there was a symbolic passing of the torch. because the last olympic games were held in vancouver in canada, the canadian and british embassies hosted a ceremonial torch relay. the team of runners, including our own meteorologist chuck bell left the canadian emhe because on pennsylvania avenue and ran the four miles to the british embassy. and may we note that that run is mostly for -- at least a lot of it, uphill. so good for chuck. rjts i know. chuck is a fast runner. he probably had to slow it down
6:43 pm
a little bit. that's right. >> man, you could have hung in there with him, couldn't you? >> i don't think i don't know, i think chuck would burn me in that four-miler. i'll tell you who is burning it up in baseball. bryce harper. struggled a bit in aa, but is really heating up. we're out here at redskins' park, so we'll be talking football, redskins adding some depth in a certain position, ask depth in a certain position, ask a
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that's amazing. you know what else is amazing? how easy it is to save money on motorcycle, boate with geico.
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so dan, are they still wheeling and dealing out there, even as we speak? >> oh, yeah, jim. they have made five or six moves today. i would be surprised if we didn't see five or six tomorrow and five or six after that. it's going to be complete roster turnover for the redskins. as i'm sure everybody heard by now, donovan mcnabb will be heading to the land of 10,000 lakes. they have a deal in place with the minnesota vikings for a pair
6:47 pm
of sixth round picks, one of those will be conditional, based on donovan's performance this season. assuming the trade goes through. because the sticking point, the final holdup for this thing is his contract. the vikings want donovan to rework his contract, because the redskins, as you remember, kind of baffled everybody, because it wasn't a good situation last year, re-signed him late in the season to a new deal. so his agent, fletcher smith and the vikings trying to hammer that out, as we speak. once that is done, the trade should be finalized. now, we talked to a couple of his teammates out here, and although just like fans, they're not surprised to see him go, they do wish him well. >> i'm glad he's, you know, got another team. you know, i'm sad that he's gone. he's one of my good friends. we developed a great relationship while he was here. but i guess it was just time to get out of here. the best to him. >> a guy that's been a pro
6:48 pm
bowler six times, think he's going to come in and really help us win more games, but it didn't work out. relationships broke down. and now he's not here. but you can't really focus on that. just got to continue to move forward. he'll go on and eventually be a hall of famer. >> all right. so donovan mcnabb likely going to end up in minnesota, just a matter of time before that deal is official. the redskins have already signed -- or not signed, agreed to terms. i keep saying signed. free agents can't sign until friday. agreed to terms with a quarterback. josh wilson. if the name sounds familiar, he played college ball at maryland and high school ball at de matha last year he played for the ravens. here's a look at some of the other roster moves. wide receiver brandon stokley who played in seattle last season.
6:49 pm
jabbar gaffaney they sent jeremy jarman to denver.#te stallworth comes to skins. and ankle enclemens and barry cofield gets $12.5 million guaranteed. as forestall stallworth when asked by beck, this is what he had to say. >> i had a lot of time to spend time with john beck who doesn't lack confidence. i can tell you that. he is a very confident person. and that's one thing you need in a quarterback. so i -- i have a rapport with him. and, you know, whoever is back there, i have always told the quarterbacks, but more importantly it's going to be us getting open for the quarterbacks and catching the ball when they do throw it. so that will be the most important thing for the receivers this year. >> all right. that's dante stallworth so right now the redskins have 14 wide receivers on the roster. they're going to be bringing a lot of players in camp, more
6:50 pm
than in the past. 90 players going to be on the redskins roster when training camp starts. one of them, trent williams. there was a trent williams sighting today. he didn't take part in any of the player-only workouts during the off season, because he said there was a miscommunication. they had the wrong e-mail address. whatever the case may be, trent williams was here today and looked good. he says he lost about 7 or 8 pounds and is in much better shape in his sophomore season than the rookie season. and that rookie season was a roller coaster. at times in his own words, played like a pro bowler and other times didn't belong on the field. this year, his goal is to show improvement and just be consistent. >> i'm just striving to be better than last year. i can't -- i made a lot of rookie mistakes. can't blame it on being a rookie no more, obviously. and, you know, i feel like if
6:51 pm
i'm not playing pro bowl like football, i think it would be a letdown for me and my team. >> all right. baseball now. bryce harper, the center of some controversy yesterday. and it was no fault of his. but today he is in the news because he continues to play very well at the aa level after a slow start. his harrisburg senators in bowie this afternoon. he is second at bat at the game. maybe not so good. strikes out and harper not happy. harper has been called a hot head in the past. he certainly does wear his emotions on his sleeve. but the nationals' top prospect getting it done in the seventh. harper getting ahold of one for his first home run since moving up to aa. it's been 19 games after struggling. harper now hitting 3.45 in his last seven. harrisburg beats bowie 6-3 this afternoon. all right. we had a no-hitter in baseball. irvin santana throws the first
6:52 pm
solo no-hitter for the angels in 27 years. for more sports nuggets, let's hit the hellie pad. carlos beltran, the prize of the major league baseball trade deadline reportedly going to the san francisco giants. so he's leaving the mets. the nba lockout. apparently, no problem for t-wolves forward kevin love. because he's going to be playing pro beach volleyball. he's going to look like a beached whale out there. kyle busch, got in a little trouble for going over 100 miles per hour in a 45 mile an hour zone. he's making a positive out of a negative and he's going to be sponsoring safe driving for 300 teens. it's a safe driving program. guys, that's going to do it from out here at redskins' park. i'm sure something will happen from the time i'm driving from here back to the studio tonight so we'll keep you posted and make sure everybody is watching at 11:00. >> was that violation on a
6:53 pm
public road or on pitt row for kyle busch, i mean? >> that wasn't in pitt row. that was a public road, in a regular car. probably wasn't as fast as yours, though, vance. >> i bet he
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
coming up, a spectacular sight for whale-watchers. we'll be
6:56 pm
a loudoun county deputy is being praised for coming to the rescue and turning a tragedy around. last night a child tumbled off a balcony 30 feet to the ground while his 4-year-old cousin held on for dear life. jane watrel has more. i noticed a small child on the ground. >> he describes the chaos outside a sterling apartment building tuesday evening. a 5-year-old boy had just fallen three stories. >> crying a lot. yelling and screaming. large crowd around him. >> reporter: as paramedics rushed in, deputy john sob looked up at the balcony. he noticed a 4-year-old girl clinging to the outside railing. >> she looked like she was slipping, so i yelled up to her, told her not to jump. >> reporter: johnson raced up three flights of stairs and started banging on an apartment door for 30 seconds. he says he was about to kick it in when a sleepy relative answered. he raced to the balcony.
6:57 pm
>> i tried to get a good hold of her and was hoping he wasn't going to slip. that was my biggest fear. she was losing grip. i didn't need for her to fall with me standing there, so i pulled her over. she grabbed right on to my neck, and obviously being suspended in the air when i was lifting her up, she grabbed right on to my neck. she started asking about her cousin right away, is he okay, is he okay. >> reporter: authorities say the 5-year-old is okay, treated for nonlife threatening injuries. neighbors credit the deputy for his quick-thinking rescue. >> oh, my goodness. i cannot imagine. like, this is risking their own life and trying to save someone. >> reporter: jon son says he did nothing unusual, but his boss is impressed. >> we always hope that when the time comes and confronted with something like this we're going to do the right thing at the right time quick enough to make a difference. and that's obviously what happened in this case. >> reporter: so far, there is no word if any charges are going to be filed. but loudoun county investigators say they have notified child protective services.
6:58 pm
in sterling, jane watrel, news4. >> coming up tonight on news4 at 11:00, new details about a local police officer accused of attempted murder. we have now learned that the department settled a lawsuit from another man who tusel he willed with this same officer. also one of the worst stations for malfunctioning escalators in the metro system is going to get a complete makeover. and the man who had an asthma attack and woke up in a morgue freezer. friday is the day as we look ahead, where, i don't know if you're going to like it. we're talking about some high heat and high humidity, again. in fact, i think we could see some heat advisories issued for the area. as for your evening, comfortable. we'll be dropping down to the low 80s to upper 70s. tomorrow, 7 starting at 73 to 75. there's a look at that friday. 99. you can see this intense heat. it's not going to last that long. saturday at 95. 93 on sunday. and some nice rain probably coming to the area on sunday.
6:59 pm
>> okay. thanks, veronica. >> some folks down in columbia got a real, real treat. i guess a couple of days ago. they were able to get up real close with a pod of migrating humpback whales. there were about 100 of them that came to these warm waters off the coast of columbia over the last two weeks to breed and to raise -- look at that -- and to raise their calfs. some of them were escorting their babies. others, they just carried on and really put on a show. what a wonderful sight to behold. that area of the pacific is one of the most important breeding sites for humpbacks in the world. those magnificent creatures -- there he goes -- began their journey months ago in the antarctic, 5,000 miles away. they'll stay in that particular area until november, and then they'll make their way back. >> oh, my goodness. >> 5,000 miles back down to the antarctic. wouldn't you pay something to see something likeha


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